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These Are Full Of The World's 10 Amazing Adventures Bridge

1 Oliveira Bridge, Brazil.

2 The Pearl Bridge, Japan.

3 The Oresnd Bridge, Sweden-Denmark.

4 Charles Bridge, Prague.

5 Vieadkt Millau, France.
6 The Forth Railway Bridge, Scotland.
7 Pont Vecchio, Italy.

8 Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.
9 (Langakavi Sky Bridge, Malaysia) 
These are full of the world's 10 Amazing Adventures Bridge.JPG
10  Trift Bridge, Switzerland.

Lngkavi SkHave you seen the bridge rests on a pole? Have you ever between two hills swinging bridge Bina have any support? What shape is seen as a bridge to the house? Many of these bridges during the journey to the fear persists.
y Bridge, Malaysia

Palau Island located in Malaysia Sky Bridge Lngkavi extremely unique and amazing in itself. It is 410 feet long, 82 m high curved bridge aground in the air is only supported on pillars. Pillar (Pillar) Udhar twisting bridge is moving, the camper is to experience the thrill of a different kind. The curved bridge is at an altitude of 2,300 feet above sea level.

This Is the World's Largest Cave, It Takes Around 7 Days, See Pictures Of The Inside

This is the world's largest cave, it takes around 7 days, see pictures of the inside.JPG
(The world's largest cave in Vietnam Photo of Son Dung)
The world's largest cave in Vietnam adventure, people tend to Son Dung. The charm of the people so that by 2015, the year of the booking is complete. Tourists arriving from each of the seven day tour to go for a million 83 thousand rupees. In a month trekking tour and a tour of the only four are admitted only eight people. 

This year, seven-month tour instead of the three-month period (February-August) has been. The heavy rains in September. This cave is situated at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level is 200 meters wide. In 2009, the British Cave Research Association members had discovered it. They came in Quang Binh province, the local people had told him about the cave. After that it became known cave in the world.

NET world "stone statue" is called Army of Kim Jong

NET world "stone statue" is called Army of Kim Jong.JPG
North Korean ruler Kim Jong 

North Korean ruler Kim Jong those considered strict and tyrant ruler. No order can not dismiss them in their country. The last days of Kim Jong uncle who had refused to do so. Later that Uncle and his family were also killed. Kim Jong information on the Internet and there are several things against them. 

When the matter came to light recently when they provide their forces with a photo op, then bring someone expressions are not allowed. Kim Jong Sometimes those are smiling, others remain quite dead. That's why Kim Jong army of them, "Stone Faced Man" is the stone statue called such men. 

This photo is of the first meeting of the North Korean army's air wing, in which Kim Jong expressions on the faces of those remaining people lined up like a statue. One main reason behind this dictator Kim himself preferred to be called. They want the army to prominence properties shown loyalty to him more and more. 

If someone does their defiance, he is put in prison or torture is over. Kim large positions in the military are only men, while women have lower or mid-level position. 

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Tali did not give the death penalty to play the uncle of Kim?

the uncle of Kim.JPG
 Kim Jong uncle Jang Song-Thek 
North Korea's President Kim Jong uncle Jang Song-Thek them to be sentenced to death a few days after the state media to their online archive of all articles related to Zeng removed.Kim Jong charges levied on the occasion of being awarded clap with determined fervor is accused of not playing. Zhang's status as the number two official in the country who have been removed video footage. 

67-year-old Zhang was active for many decades. Used his extensive contacts in China. North Korea's ultra-conservative, liberal he was considered in the power system. It is not clear that Kim open up the country's economy. Kim Mrwakr Zhang gave a stern message to his enemies. Kang Chol Hwan, who fled North Korea in South Korean newspaper Chosen Ilbo wrote, to strengthen his grip on power if Kim ax indiscriminately way to make your end so they will run. Kim family togetherness has helped him to stay in power. It was not seen before the schism.

North Korea Threatens The United States, Will The White House And The Pentagon Nuclear Attack

North Korea threatens the United States, will the White House and the Pentagon Nuclear Attack.JPG
Photographs are taking part in the conference held on the anniversary of the Korean War, North Korea's top leader Kim Jong those.

Seoul. North Korea's top military officer in the United States at the White House the Pentagon have threatened nuclear attack. Military official increasing tensions between the United States and South Korea blamed North Korea. Hwang, director of the General Political Bureau of the North Korean military Pyog sleeping on the 61st Anniversary of the Korean War of 1950-53 while addressing a conference of army threatened on Sunday. 

Hwang's speech aired on state television in North Korea on Monday. Hwang said in his speech, "the imperialist Americans tried to be a threat to our sovereignty, our army will attack the bone of contention the White House the Pentagon nuclear rocket Dagegi." 

North Korea angered by U.S. military drills 
Hwang Vice Marshal of the Korean People's Army reserve status. Hwang said while addressing the Korean People's Army, South Korea U.S. military drills on the island, which includes the use of nuclear-powered aircraft, the tension is born. 
Between June 25, 1950 July 27, 1953, was a war between South Korea North Korea. The United States was providing support to South Korea, on the other hand, was in favor of the Soviet Union, North Korea.

India-England Test Moin Ali Surrounded By Wearing Wrist Bands In Support of Gaza, ICC will investigate

India-England Test Moin Ali Surrounded By Wearing Wrist Bands In Support of Gaza, ICC will investigate.JPG
Moin Ali

Photo: Gaza in support of Flstin England batsman Moin Ali wearing wrist bands. 

LONDON. Test between India England in support of Gaza Flstin wear wrist bands gathering after the England batsman Moin Ali looks troubled. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has pledged to investigate the matter. If found guilty in the investigation of Pakistani origin may be disciplinary action against the player. However, in this case by the England and Wales Cricket Board has defended Ali Moin. 

What's the matter? 

Moin Ali Southampton are being played between India and England continued the second day of the third Test were wearing two wrist bands. These 'Save Gaza' 'Free Palestine' was written. 

ICC will investigate 

These photos of Ali Moin bank wearing wrist after emergence talked of the ICC to investigate the matter. ICC spokesman said: "We are investigating the matter. Information will be given when the time comes. "ICC regarding dress code violations and improper conduct investigations against Ali said. 

What are the rules? 

ICC rules say that no player or team official message without any written permission of the Cricket Board, arm bands, cloth or other can not use any goods. Player on the field of political, religious race-related messages is not allowed to propagate. Moin wear these wrist bands before landing in the field had taken permission from the team management neither had the knowledge nor. 

Moin support 

England and Wales Cricket Board has defended Ali Moin. Board says no political motive behind it was not done by Moin. It was a message of human compassion. England team spokesman said Moin had sought permission from the team management about it. The band would like to play on the team to wear if he does not mind it. 

Moin also surrounded in controversy before 
Before Ali Moin have also clouded in controversy. The batter mobilize relief to Gaza last week in Birmingham was seen. The photos appeared on social media

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Commonwealth Games Shooters Won The Hearts

Commonwealth Games shooters won the hearts.jpg
Commonwealth Games shooters
Glasgow. Indian shooters two gold and three silver medals at the Commonwealth Games on Saturday targeted. Apurvi Chandela women and shone the light of the Golden Nanjppa Srnobt passer, Ayonika sail and Anisa Sayyed won the silver medal.

Srnobt Rahi and Anisa Sayyed in the 25 meter pistol gold and silver medals for women's rivalry. In the men's 10 meter air pistol Nanjppa light Rivalry won the silver medal in a thrilling tie. India in the shooting, three gold and four silver medals won so far.

The semifinal was further Srnobt
Srnobt leads with 16 points in the semifinals, while Anisa was in second place with 14 points. Both the Indian shooters qualified for the gold medal game.

Srnobt the gold medal match to win 8-2. Australia's Lalita Yohliuskaya for the bronze medal match defeating Malaysia 10-8 to Ajhri Aliya won bronze.

Anisa this rivalry in the Delhi Commonwealth Games four years ago, won a gold medal in the individual silver medal was the Srnobt hand.

Nanjppa missed the chance
Nanjppa had a chance of winning the gold, but the Australian shooter Daniel Repacholi better target some of the milestones pointing to the Indian shooters won the gold medal. England's Michael Gault won the bronze medal.

Learn To Apurvi Of Jaipur Shot At Gold

aputvi shooter

Jaipur. Apurvi of Gulabinagr Chandela was confident of success at the Commonwealth Games. Glasgow Apurvi nearly four-five years engaged in hard work not only in sports, Rajasthan stood on the expectations of the country.

Confident Apurvi participating in the Commonwealth Games gold medal for the first time targeted at. Chandela Apurvi the women's 10m. Rivalry Games record with a gold medal in air rifle.

Apurvi to qualify for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow medal after he did say that he will try Hrsbnv.

Shooting Championship in 2012 after winning the National Senior Apurvi did not look back and went Climbs the ladder.

He took training abroad. Men's 10 m at the Beijing Olympics. Air rifle rivalry history, Abhinav Bindra won the gold Apurvi a model that considers the final in Glasgow on Saturday, taking the lead from start to finish.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje of Rajasthan on the gold medal winning shooter Apurvi Chandela greeted promising. Raje said Apurvi Chandela his lofty elegance of this Uplbgi tricolor from the sports world has added a new chapter in the fraternity of Rajasthan. Uplbgi state his youth and inspire players will touch new heights.

Cast homemade shooting range
Bindra won the gold medal in Beijing Apurvi The craze began shooting, and he also began to take its training. Apurvi to fulfill the dream of his father Kuldeep Singh shooting range in the basement of the house open cast Chandela.

Did not take part in the opening
Glasgow Apurvi the opening ceremony of the Games on July 23 with the Indian team did not take part in the parade. Apurvi was wounded in the leg, but it had not effect on his practice.

Other Achievements
Won gold in Senior National Championship debut in 2012
In March 2014 in The Hague in Holland gold and bronze medals in the championship Intrsut
Shisha ΓΌ 15 to 02 made ​​it to the World Cup Shooting

Apurvi at a Glance
Age: 21 years
Born: January 4, 1993
Place of Birth: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Firing career: 2008
Rivalry: 10 m. Air rifle
Personal Coach: Stanislav Lapids
Education: BA Honours Sociology
Model: Abhinav Bindra
Interest in other sports: basketball

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Philippines Storm Now Threatens Matmo

Threatens Matmo
Manila, Beijing. `Remsn` horrific hurricane and storm in the Philippines after the orgy" Matmo "warning has been issued.

Due to Remsn so far has killed more than 100 people.

However, Matmo storm is moving towards Taiwan and China. He then threatens to move towards the Luzon Island.

"Matmo" at a speed of 24 kilometers per hour is moving towards central Taiwan. This is due to strong winds in the area.

The Wednesday evening after arriving in the Philippines Luzon Island Anshka there is heavy rainfall.

Advised to go to sea

Executive Director of the Department of Disaster Admiral (retired) Alexander Pama said the government has banned cruise and small boats fishing in the sea is not advised.

The inhabitants of small islands have been advised to take extra precautions.

Admiral Pama said the disaster department is keeping a constant eye on the speed and direction of the storm.

So far 46 people died in China

The death toll from devastating storms in China rose 46 has Remsn.

According to Xinhua news agency, Remsn storm storm in China was the fastest in the last four decades.

The southern coastal province Hainan, Guangdong, Yunnan and Guanksi Zhuang autonomous region most affected people.

South China's Hainan Province, 19, from south-west China's Yunnan province killed 18 people and nine Guanksi news.

A total of 6 million to 8 thousand people have been resettled and 2 lakh 40 thousand people in urgent need of basic essentials.

Power due to the storm water lines, Dusnschar networks, ports and roads damaged in the rescue operations are more difficult.

Approximately 51 thousand and 40 thousand 600 hectares storm home grown crop, which is estimated economic loss of $ 1.74 billion.

Colourful Start Of The Commonwealth Games, The Indian Team Ahead

The Commonwealth Game.jpg
The Commonwealth Games

Glasgow. The colorful city of Glasgow, Scotland began the 20th Commonwealth Games. The opening ceremony began at 12.30 am, the first Indian team entered the stadium.

Shooter Vijay Kumar led the Indian team. When the team entered the stadium to stadium then resonates in Hindi film songs. As host of the last edition of the Indian team going forward. Back in Scotland to host parade.

Queen Elizabeth II of the culture and heritage of the Celtic Park Scoland colorful and lavish presentation of the program in the presence of nearly 35,000 spectators announced the official start of the 20 th Commonwealth Games.

This time 71 countries and 6,500 athletes in 17 sports at the 1400 event will compete for medals. Three closing ceremony of the Games will be held in August Hampden Stadium. Former Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar connected to function on behalf of UNICEF.

Indian team to 3rd August, these games are expected to repeat the history of Delhi. In the last Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India 101 medals including 38 gold. India Shooting, boxing and wrestling have much hope

Millionaire Beggars Arrested In Saudi Arabia


Millionaire beggars

Riyadh. Police in Saudi Arabia arrested a beggar, who later turned out to be millionaires.

Saudi Gazette reports, the police Arabs from western Saudi Arabia's Yanbu person and precious items recovered cash of Rs 1.92 crore.

Medina police spokesman said Fahad Al-Gaanam person arrested under suspicious circumstances was begging.

The strict ban on begging in Saudi Arabia.

Police said the suspect was living in luxury apartments and other cities was used to move your car.

According to the report, the investigation revealed that his wife and three children in begging would help her.

All family members were living illegally in Saudi Arabia.

Gaanam said the millionaire beggar a Gulf country succeeded in obtaining the investment license.

Meanwhile, the police conducted detailed investigations of suspected illegal activities, which showed that he is not Saudi Arabia